Health, Safety, Environment

For HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, Health and Safety is its most significant priority

The HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group has incorporated Sustainable Development into its strategic planning and, by adopting its respective Policy; it is committed to promoting Health, Safety and Sustainable Development, in order to ensure safe, accident-free and economically viable operations, while respecting the environment and the community as a whole, in line with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, due to the nature of its operations, faces a series of risks and technical challenges in its daily activities in oil products manufacturing and distribution facilities, of considerable complexity and significant size. Any failure to manage these risks could potentially have a considerable impact on the Group’s operation and financial position, including administrative penalties and/or inability to carry out its activities.

The Group uses a series of procedures regarding risk control and assessment related to safety and environmental issues, over and above those provided by the relevant legislation. Additional measures include monitoring and benchmarking, through its participation in international organizations and the European oil and chemical industry. At the same time, transfer and implementation of best practices are promoted in order to improve the Group’s performance in issues related to health, safety and environment.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group regularly evaluates the maintenance of the relevant procedures in each facility, through internal audits carried out by trained and experienced staff, as well as external audits performed by independent accredited certification bodies. Additionally, the Group monitors the progress of its health, safety, environment and energy indicators (KPIs), which are included in periodic reports, as well as the management’s performance evaluation criteria.